MxG’s annual “State of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” reports on the vibrancy indicators identified by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Our 2017 and 2018 findings are available on the History and Impact tab. Each year we report on activities in Maine that can move the needle on these vibrancy indicators—density, diversity, fluidity and connectivity. The 2018 State of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem event was held on March 28, 2018 in Augusta, ME.

MxG Organizational Partner Network

The MxG Organizational Partner network is at the heart of our grass-roots collaborative effort. MxG has a statewide reach and a diversity of organizations and initiatives. Learn what it means to be a part of the network and you can take the first step in joining the movement. It's easy!

What does it mean to be an MxG Organizational Partner?

MxG exists as a community of partners and doers. Its strength and success is the result of the collaborative strength of partners. Partners work together to achieve a vision of accelerating the growth of companies, communities and talent by funding, creating and leveraging high-impact entrepreneurship and innovation programs and events through a collaborative and complementary network of organizations and individuals propelling prosperity across Maine.

MxG organizational partners agree to these shared principals:

  1. to collaborate to achieve the MxG vision
  2. to commit a portion of their fundraising efforts through the MxG fund so that matching grants can be triggered for broader investment into the ecosystem.
  3. to provide up to 10 hours of pro-bono work per month to support the MxG network and initiatives.
  4. to collect and contribute data for MxG's annual measurements of the ecosystem's strength.
  5. to substantially publicize and publicly acknowledge the MxG initiative and the collaborative community efforts of other members.
  6. to publicly celebrate entrepreneurs and innovators whenever possible.

What to learn more about becoming an MxG organizational partner? Email Liz Trice to set up a time to discuss joining the movement.